Wednesday, December 3, 2008

me too, Tina, me too.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

In a sleepy state of mind.

Mum and Dad had tickets to see Billy TheMan Joel on 23rd November, Dad had to work so I went with Mum instead. I always liked TheMan's songs but I wan't sure if I liked him.

My mind is made up and I now must declare my undying love for TheMan. Nothing will beat Pip opening the American Doll Posse set, but this one came a close second I have to tell ya. This guy is a legend and hilarious to boot... I do love him. The rain came heavy at the end of the show, in time for the encore of Waltzing Matilda/Piano Man... a blanket of rain falling against the bright coloured lights while the whole crowd sings along is a magical moment, I'm glad I got to share it with my Mumsy, she's the best.

* le sigh* such a good show.


TAFE is almost finished with and I cannot wait! It will be bittersweet though, Jo is going home and there's still that whole "day job" thing to contend with. I was unsure about going back to study next year but I enrolled anyway, just in case... I am a little excited to be doing the graduate show and the auction.

I get disillusioned with this art crap but I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else. No matter how much shit I get from other people or how pointless this seems I'll keep at it~ what else is there??


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Maverick & The MILF

Sarah Palin. It's all been said but I felt the need to record my own OHWHATTHEFUCK.

I shake my head at you, John McCan'tbefreakinserious!

On to more important issues...

You know those whispery, waify, thin-legged-cardigan-wearing, acoustic bands who's songs are used in ads for IKEA and crap like that? I HATE them. Cease and desist immediately! I find you dull and painful. Like when you see a small, weak animal or child your inner beast wants to kill it for being so pathetic. This music makes my head swell and my eyes pop. I feel claws breaking out, fur grows over my face and that leg of yours starts to look good enough to hump!

Enough of your "experimental", self-conscious poop! Clanging on a triangle is boredom, not genius. I am scared for the future, this economic crisis can only increase the amount of child bands due to the inevitable lack of funding for real instruments. God help us.

Saw Stevie Wonder on Tuesday. Legend.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Things She Hates

A woman called me at work the other night and asked me to leave the store & find out the phone number of the chinese restaurant next door. You fucking idiot.

The film "Then She Found Me". A boring and depressing sack of poop.

Serving the scum of the earth. I hate you and your screaming monkey children.

Things She Loves

Kate Miller Heidke, I can't shake it either.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm more into music than art but I chose to learn the keyboard over the guitar and have regretted it ever since. I was in a band once and was taught by a talented guy called Kevin but then he left, I think he had to flee the country, which led me to giving up the guitar. If my talent were musical I'd be deadly. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the useless ability to draw and the burden of being incredibly lazy.

but I will keep on.

Studies suck, issues with death stunt and important life decisions loom large!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really Cool Mooz.

I'm always on a quest for wonderful music. Recently re-discovered some awweez. I am aware that most of what I listen to is often an acquired taste but I desperately want you all to hear these gems, if only to humour me~ do it.

Nick Drake ~ Milk and Honey

Arthur Lee & Love ~ A House is Not a Motel

Shocking Blue ~ Send Me a Postcard

(of "Venus" fame, have many other great songs, I have no idea why they aren't recognised. I'm pretty sure she calls some guy a turd in one song...hilarious.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

How can i euthanize dying hamster?

I've returned from my trip to Vietnam/Singapore and am excited about starting a new semester at TAFE. Haven't used this blog much at all mainly due to insane workloads but I'll try a bit harder~~~

Things that have happened exceed the amount of energy needed from me to post about them all so I'll give you some dot points to read.

  • Vietnam was insane, intense and sometimes shitty but I'm glad I went and had some good times. Ha Long Bay was a highlight, in fact, it was the light.
  • Singapore is my friend and I love her.
  • I have fallen back in love with Ghost Hunters, watching the final episode of season 4 now.
  • I am glad I missed the bible bashing festival.
  • Am excited about seeing The Dark Knight. I have always loved The Joker and am glad to see him back... Heath's rendition fills my heart with fuzziness. awesome.
  • I love rhettandlink.
  • Finding hilarious fun. It seems hamster owners are all spazzes. Why do they all have broken legs? They're all too stingy to take their hamster to the vet and would rather wait for an answer online as to alternative ways to care for a hamster who is dragging their two back legs on the ground.
  • Feeling inspired and mentally refreshed.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Shiny New Blog


I'll be using this little spot to show my "art" to the world along with some grumbling posts...

I spent most of today reading about the atrocities committed by Rob Liefeld (thanks to Savlah for enlightening me). What a massive tool! If that guy can have a career and make millions, I can get paid work atleast! Seriously, how did this guy get so far? He lacks any basic knowledge of perspective and anatomy and draws too many toight crotches. All of his drawings of men look like butch dykes with wide hips and thunder thighs, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

On my bad days I will now remember to read The 40 Worst Rob Liefeld Drawings on Progressive Boink

I'll try to keep this thing updated and put up some pretty pictures.