Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Maverick & The MILF

Sarah Palin. It's all been said but I felt the need to record my own OHWHATTHEFUCK.

I shake my head at you, John McCan'tbefreakinserious!

On to more important issues...

You know those whispery, waify, thin-legged-cardigan-wearing, acoustic bands who's songs are used in ads for IKEA and crap like that? I HATE them. Cease and desist immediately! I find you dull and painful. Like when you see a small, weak animal or child your inner beast wants to kill it for being so pathetic. This music makes my head swell and my eyes pop. I feel claws breaking out, fur grows over my face and that leg of yours starts to look good enough to hump!

Enough of your "experimental", self-conscious poop! Clanging on a triangle is boredom, not genius. I am scared for the future, this economic crisis can only increase the amount of child bands due to the inevitable lack of funding for real instruments. God help us.

Saw Stevie Wonder on Tuesday. Legend.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Things She Hates

A woman called me at work the other night and asked me to leave the store & find out the phone number of the chinese restaurant next door. You fucking idiot.

The film "Then She Found Me". A boring and depressing sack of poop.

Serving the scum of the earth. I hate you and your screaming monkey children.

Things She Loves

Kate Miller Heidke, I can't shake it either.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm more into music than art but I chose to learn the keyboard over the guitar and have regretted it ever since. I was in a band once and was taught by a talented guy called Kevin but then he left, I think he had to flee the country, which led me to giving up the guitar. If my talent were musical I'd be deadly. Unfortunately I'm stuck with the useless ability to draw and the burden of being incredibly lazy.

but I will keep on.

Studies suck, issues with death stunt and important life decisions loom large!