Monday, July 21, 2008

How can i euthanize dying hamster?

I've returned from my trip to Vietnam/Singapore and am excited about starting a new semester at TAFE. Haven't used this blog much at all mainly due to insane workloads but I'll try a bit harder~~~

Things that have happened exceed the amount of energy needed from me to post about them all so I'll give you some dot points to read.

  • Vietnam was insane, intense and sometimes shitty but I'm glad I went and had some good times. Ha Long Bay was a highlight, in fact, it was the light.
  • Singapore is my friend and I love her.
  • I have fallen back in love with Ghost Hunters, watching the final episode of season 4 now.
  • I am glad I missed the bible bashing festival.
  • Am excited about seeing The Dark Knight. I have always loved The Joker and am glad to see him back... Heath's rendition fills my heart with fuzziness. awesome.
  • I love rhettandlink.
  • Finding hilarious fun. It seems hamster owners are all spazzes. Why do they all have broken legs? They're all too stingy to take their hamster to the vet and would rather wait for an answer online as to alternative ways to care for a hamster who is dragging their two back legs on the ground.
  • Feeling inspired and mentally refreshed.