Thursday, November 27, 2008

In a sleepy state of mind.

Mum and Dad had tickets to see Billy TheMan Joel on 23rd November, Dad had to work so I went with Mum instead. I always liked TheMan's songs but I wan't sure if I liked him.

My mind is made up and I now must declare my undying love for TheMan. Nothing will beat Pip opening the American Doll Posse set, but this one came a close second I have to tell ya. This guy is a legend and hilarious to boot... I do love him. The rain came heavy at the end of the show, in time for the encore of Waltzing Matilda/Piano Man... a blanket of rain falling against the bright coloured lights while the whole crowd sings along is a magical moment, I'm glad I got to share it with my Mumsy, she's the best.

* le sigh* such a good show.


TAFE is almost finished with and I cannot wait! It will be bittersweet though, Jo is going home and there's still that whole "day job" thing to contend with. I was unsure about going back to study next year but I enrolled anyway, just in case... I am a little excited to be doing the graduate show and the auction.

I get disillusioned with this art crap but I honestly couldn't imagine doing anything else. No matter how much shit I get from other people or how pointless this seems I'll keep at it~ what else is there??


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